Fire Prevention

Fire Code Requirements for Haunted Houses

The Fire Prevention Bureau coordinates fire safety education activities. Local schools, civic groups, church groups, and any other person or persons wishing to learn about fire safety may contact Battalion Chief Steve Leonard to schedule a lecture or a visit to a fire station. The contact number is (270) 687-8407.

National Fire Prevention Week is recognized across the nation during the second full week of October. During this week, second grade students across the city are brought in to the stations to learn about fire safety. Other groups, both large and small are also given tours and lectures on how to “Learn not to Burn.”

During these tours and lectures an emphasis is placed on teaching children how to:

  • Stop! Drop! and Roll! – If your clothes catch on fire, you should STOP!, stop right where you are. Then DROP!, drop to the ground. Then ROLL!, roll over and over until the fire is out! Never run, that will only make the fire bigger!. After the fire is out, you should see an adult and ask for help!
  • CALL 911!– 911 is the number for emergencies almost every where! If you need the police, fire department or ambulance, you should call 911. If you have a fire in your home, never stay inside to call 911. Get out of the building and then call from a neighbor’s phone or a cell phone. Always remember to give the correct address where the fire is located.
  • EDITH – Exit Drills In The Home. These drills include knowing what to do when a smoke alarm goes off, to crawl low to avoid smoke, to practice different ways to exit a house, to know to go to a meeting place away from the house, and to know that NO ONE should ever go back into a burning building for anything or anyone….tell a fire fighter, they will go in the building.
  • Tour of new OFD Fire Safety House Trailer which includes a small classroom and props to learn about safety topics including smoke alarms, cooking, and how to react in a smoke-filled environment.
New OFD Fire Safety House Trailer