The City of Owensboro is committed to excellence in public safety. The Fire Department maintains a 4-minute average emergency response time and currently has a Class 2 Insurance rating. OFD is a full service Fire and Rescue Department staffed with career professional firefighters providing a full array of emergency and non-emergency services to the citizens and visitors of Owensboro.

The Owensboro Fire Department was officially organized in 1866 under Fire Chief Horace W. Miller. Chief Miller remained Chief until 1879. OFD now operates five strategically located Fire Stations for optimal response times throughout the City. Emergency response includes Fire, Rescue and Emergency Medical response on the Ohio River.


The professionals of the Owensboro Fire Department are dedicated to providing a high level of safety and emergency services protecting the lives and livelihoods of the citizens and visitors of the Owensboro Community.


Working in cooperation with our customers and other agencies, the Owensboro Fire Department will be a pro active, innovative, efficient organization that strives for continuous improvement in order to be adaptable to the change and challenges of our community and will provide leadership for the Fire Service within the Tri-State Region.

First Response Emergency Medical Response Goal

OFD will respond to emergency medical situations where there is an immediate threat to life, a possible immediate threat to life, or where the recovery and resulting quality of life of the patient can be improved through quick response and action of OFD.