The Owensboro Fire Department provides the highest level of safety and emergency services to protect life and property in our community by preventing, preparing for, and mitigating risks involving fire, rescue, and emergency medical care.


The Owensboro Fire Department will be a pro-active, adaptable, and community-focused organization that achieves
continuous improvement of our risk reduction programs, personnel development, and multi-hazard emergency services to meet the evolving needs of our community.


Building trust with honorable character in word and deed.

Providing caring service to our community with sensitivity and consistent regard for personal dignity.

Earning the highest level of esteem in our relationships with one another and our community by honoring shared traditions, treating others as we wish to be treated, and promoting self-discipline.

Service Excellence
Pursuing optimal public service with a commitment to best practices and continuous improvement in risk reduction, training, and emergency services.

Conducting ourselves to the highest personal standard to provide the very best example to each other, to fellow emergency service agencies, and to our community through uncommon self-discipline and commendable conduct.